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Verify your drivers licence via the Whizascoot app. All done? Then you're ready to go!



Verify your drivers licence via the Whizascoot app. All done? Then you're ready to go!


Locate a scooter near you via the Whizascoot app, book it free of charge and start your ride. Drive to your destination and park anywhere within our business areas.



Use the map in the app to find the closest eKick Scooter to you.



To unlock it, simply scan the QR Code located on the handlebars using the whizascoot app.



Step on, kick forward and you’re ready to go! Wherever you whiza takes you, remember to obey traffic laws, to ride safely! Attention: After Sunset you should wear a Hi-Viz vest to ride.


The eKick Scooter can be parked within the marked service area on the app. Do not block pedestrian walkways, driveways, bus stops or service ramps. Park away from private property, your community will appreciate it. Use the kickstand to keep it upright. From the app press the ‘stop rental’ button to lock it.


Rent eScooter


Use the map to find the closest e-scooter to you. Press the ‘reserve’ button and follow directions to the scooter. You have five minutes to reach it. Once you find it, press the ‘Rent’ button and the scooter will unlock.



Before you start your ride, please check the e-scooter for any visible damage (dent,broken lights..) and report them through the app



Open the top case and choose a helmet of your size. Disposable hygiene caps are also available in a pouch. Attention: fasten the helmet strap securely.



Sit on the scooter, take it off the kickstand and then push the green button on the right handle bar. Ready will flash in the green on the dashboard. You’re ready to go! Attention: make sure that the side stand is collapsed as you cannot start your scooter otherwise.


You can pause your ride without ending the rental. Press the ‘P’ button which switches the rental into parking mode and keeps other users from reserving it.


The scooter can be parked within the blue-marked service area on the app. The scooters have to be parked in free public parking spaces. Make sure not to place the scooter in a bike lane, bus lane or in a location where it creates an obstruction for traffic or pedestrians. You should also refrain from blocking driveways, loading zones, entrances and parking the scooter on private property.



To park the e-scooter, use the kickstand to keep the e-scooter upright. Place the helmet and close the topbox securely. From the app press the ‘stop rental’ button, take a photo of the parked e-scooter and the whiza is locked.


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