Download the iOS or Android app

Register in-app or online

To register you need:

1) To be at least 18 years old,

2) Have a valid driver’s license,

3) Have a credit card.


After completing the registration, you need to verify your driver’s license. You can do this via the app.

Follow the instructions to upload and verify your drivers’ licence. Your licence will be verified if it is valid to drive to Whizascoot, that is, if it is valid to drive a moped.


Login to your Whizascoot app and locate a nearby Scooter.

Select a Scooter on the map and reserve it for up to 5 minutes ample time to reach the vehicle. Make sure your GPS signal and location services are turned on!

Once you have found the Scooter, you can start your ride by hitting the “Rent” button on the app.

Open the top box and take out the helmet.

Get onto the scooter and take it off its stand.

To start the scooter, push the green button on the right handlebar. “Ready” will appear in green on the dashboard.

You are now ready to hit the road!

Want to do some quick shopping but not give up your Whiza? You can temporarily pause your ride at a reduced fee of €0.15 per minute (you can pause your ride outside the service area). Just press the “P” button on your app. To return to ride mode, press “Drive”.


Once you have reached your destination, return the scooter within one of our business areas, indicated in color on the app.

Open the top case to store the helmet(s) and put the scooter on the stand.

Confirm the return by hitting the “End” button on the app.

Your credit card will automatically be charged with the cost of the ride.

Where can I park my Whiza?

The scooters can be parked in free, public parking spaces. Make sure not to place the scooter in a bike lane, bus lane or in a location where it creates an obstruction for traffic or pedestrians. You should also refrain from blocking driveways, loading zones, entrances and parking the scooter on private property.

You don't have to ride alone.

Every Whiza comes with two helmets of different sizes located in the top box. Give your friend a ride or pick up your date for a romantic drive along the coast. We’ve got you covered!