Complaints Handling Policy

Complaints Handling Policy

Accidents must be reported to Whizascoot immediately by telephone under (+356) 2099 5555. You must provide the necessary assistance and remain at the scene until a whizascoot representative arrives. The following information is to be provided to Whizascoot:

      1. Date, time and location of accident;
      2. Identification of any other vehicle involved (e.g. license plate, make and model);
      3. Insurance information for third party vehicles involved (e.g.policy number, name, address and phone number of insurer);
      4. Contact information of third parties involved;
      5. A statement explaining the circumstances surrounding the accident;
      6. Photos of the damaged vehicles and accident site (where possible).

In the event of minor accidents, the “Front to Rear Form” (stored in top box) must be completed by you and the third-party driver. You do not need to leave the vehicles in the same position they were in when the accident happened. If you are obstructing the traffic flow move the vehicles to a safe area where you can complete the form.

If serious damage was incurred by either vehicle you must call the Wardens Traffic Accident Reporting Service on (+356) 2132 0202. You are required to remain on site until the warden arrives and to provide all the information requested. Do not move the vehicles unless ordered to do so by the Police officer or by the warden. Follow any instructions given by the warden.

If any person was injured in the accident call the Emergency services immediately on 112. Do not move any injured persons unless their life is in immediate danger, wait for the paramedics. You must then call the police and remain on site until the wardens or the police arrive and provide all the information requested. The vehicles should not be moved unless ordered by a Warden of a Police officer.