What do I need to register with Whizascoot?

1) A valid driver’s license for motor vehicles that entitles you to drive at least a 50cc Moped (Class A or B);

2) A credit card or debit card;

3) A smartphone with internet connection (Android or iOS);

4) And the Whizascoot app

What if I do not have an EU drivers license?

You can still register if you have a non-EU driver’s license. The verification process, however, cannot be completed via the Whizascoot app. You will need to call our Customer Engagement Centre on 2099 5555. You can also reach us via the Whizascoot App.

Who is authorised to use a Whiza?

To use a Whiza you must be at least 18 years of age, hold a valid driver’s license that entitles you to drive a Moped in your country of origin (Class A or B) and have a debit or credit card for billing purposes.

How do I verify my driver's license via the Whizascoot app?

After downloading the iOS or Android app to your smartphone, you can follow the in-app instructions. The app will prompt you to take a picture of your driver’s license as well as a selfie holding your driver’s license together.

The verification process is automated and you will receive an SMS with the result of the verification process. This normally takes no more than 10 minutes. Should the automatic verification not be successful you are kindly asked to contact our Customer Engagement Centre on [email protected] sending images of your documents for manual verification.

How is personal data protected by Whizascoot?

Whizascoot commits to the protection of the privacy of all visitors to our website and users of the Whizascoot Service. Your personal data is stored in Europe and is only accessible by Whizascoot and licensed partners. If you would like to know more about how your data is handled and processed, please see our Privacy Policy


How do I pay for the rentals?

You have the option to pay with either a debit card or credit card. The cost for each ride will be charged to your account immediately after you finish your rental. You can check the time, distance and price of your ride on the app. An invoice giving you details of the rental and cost will be send immediately by email to the email account your provided in your registration process.

How do I change my payment method?

You can change your payment method within the Whizascoot app by tapping on the Add Payment Method in the Payments Tab. If your account has any outstanding payments, you will only be allowed to change your payment method if the outstanding amounts are first settled.

Can I keep my Whiza for an entire day?

Of course you can! We know it is difficult to part ways with our Whizascoots. Its best to use the Park function in our app as it will save you a lot of money when keeping your Whizascoot. With the Park function you only pay for 10c/minute and the Scooter is kept reserved for you. Just be careful to monitor the battery level. If your Whizascoot needs some rest, just park it in one of our business areas and grab a fresh one. 

Are there any additional costs?

Any existing additional costs relate to penalties due to damage to the scooters, traffic offences, etc. A full list of our fees and penalties can be found in our Terms & Conditions 


How does it work?

You can only rent a Whizascoot scooter as a registered customer. To register, you need to be 1) at least 18 years old; 2) hold a valid driver’s license that entitles you to drive a Moped in your country of origin (Class A or B) and 3) add a payment option (credit or debit card). You can register on the Whizascoot app, available for both iOS and Android. You can locate, reserve and rent a scooter via the app. For a more detailed explanation see our ‘How it Works’ and watch our videos.

How do I reserve a scooter?

Select a scooter of your choice within the Whizascoot app. In the detail view of each scooter, you can find the “Reserve” button in the lower image frame. Tap the button to reserve your scooter for 5 minutes free of charge.

You can also watch the following video to learn more:

Do I need a helmet?

To drive a Whiza you need to wear a helmet at all times whilst riding the scooter. Each Whizascoot provides two helmets located in the top case. Our helmets meet all safety standards are regularly cleaned by our WhizaTeam.

Should you find missing helmets you are kindly requested to report this on +356 2099 5555 or by email on [email protected]

A missing helmet fee of €50 would be charged to the last customer that rented the Whizascoot.

How do I rent a scooter?

To rent one of our Whizascoots, you only need to download the Whizascoot app from your App Store or Google Playstore.

Once you downloaded the app and completed you registration you can rent a scooter by following the steps below:

1. Reserve a Whizascoot near you. You have 5 minutes to get to the scooter. After this time it will be released again and available for other customers.
2. When you have reached the scooter, press the “Rent“ button in the app. The scooter blinks and the light comes on. You can now open the topcase by pressing the red button.
3. Take one of the two helmets, put it on and off you go.
4. Press the green start button to the right of the throttle. And you’re ready to going.

Caution: even if you do not hear anything, the scooter is turned on! It’s an electric engine.

You can also watch a video of how to rent as scooter here:

Can I drive the scooter outside the business areas?

Yes you can. You can drive the scooter anywhere throughout Malta as long as you return the scooter within one of our business areas. Before renting the scooter, you can see an indication of the battery level and estimated travel distance that can be achieved at this level. This will help you to plan your trip and make sure you have enough battery power to return the scooter within our business areas.

I am sitting on the scooter and it does not work.

All you have to do is press the green button on the right side of the handlebar. As soon as the green “Ready“ appears on the Dashboard, you can start your trip. It is important that the side stand is folded, otherwise you can not leave the parking mode.

How do I end the rental and return the scooter?

Once you have reached your destination, return the scooter within one of our business areas, indicated in [colour] on the app. Open the topcase to store the helmet(s) and put the scooter on the stand. Confirm the return by hitting the “End” button on the app.

Can I rent more than one scooter at a time?

No you cannot. Each customer is only allowed one scooter at a time. If you want your buddies to join, why not refer-a-friend though the Invite Friends tab on the whizascoot app? For every buddy that registers with Whizascoot you get €5 credited to your whizascoot account and each of your buddies with also get a sign-up bonus of €5.

How long can I rent a scooter for?

You can keep the scooter as long as you like. Your account will continue to be charged until you return it to one of our business areas. Remember that you can keep the Whiascoot reserved for you by putting it in Parking Mode. While in parking mode you only pay 0.10c/minute.

Scooters & Parking

What do I need to carry with me when riding a Whiza?

All you need is your smartphone with the Whizascoot app and your driver’s license. Whizascoot provides two helmets, hygiene caps and a cloth to wipe the seat. You may want to bring your sunglasses in our sunny Maltese weather. Plus it never hurts to add some style.

How long does the battery last?

Each Whiza is equipped with two batteries, giving the scooter an estimated range of 100km at full charge. Note: the distance may vary depending on your driving style, number of people on the scooter and the terrain.

Can I recharge the scooter myself?

No you cannot. The Whizascoot service team is taking care of our scooters. When the battery level drops below 20%, the Whiza will be taken out of the system once you have returned it. Our service team will then replace the batteries and the scooter will be back in action. Therefore, please make sure that the scooter has sufficient charge for your trip, including its return to one of our business areas.

Where can I park my Whiza?

The scooters can be parked in free, public parking spaces. Make sure not to place the scooter in a bike lane, bus lane or in a location where it creates an obstruction for traffic or pedestrians. You should also refrain from blocking driveways, loading zones, entrances and parking the scooter on private property.

Can I temporarily park my scooter and use it again without terminating the rental?

Yes you can! You can park the scooter anytime without returning it. Tab the “Park” button in the app which switches the Whizascoot into parking mode and is locked for other users. You will pay 0.10c per minute of parking until you return to the rental mode.

Damage, Insurance and Penalties

The scooter I reserved is damaged. What do I do?

If you notice any damage on the scooter, please take a picture of the damage and send it to [email protected] before starting the trip. Examples of damages to be communicated to Whizascoot: Flat tire, damage to the bodywork of the scooter, damage to the topcase, helmets, mirrors or missing mirror, broken or bended brake handles, as well as damages to the saddle or the scooter stands.

How am I insured?

Whizascoot eScooters are insured in accordance with the Motor Vehicles (Third Party Risks) Ordinance Cap 104 of the Laws of Malta. Whizascoot provides liability coverage for damages arising from a customer’s use of an eScooter. The excess for people of 21 years of age and over is €50. The excess for people under 21 years is €100. In case of theft, an excess of €150 shall apply. For more information see here our Terms & Conditions of Service

What do I do when I have problems renting and/or returning a scooter?

If you have any issues regarding the rentaland return or any other Whizascoot related issues, call us immediately on +356 2099 5555.

The scooter has a parking fine. What do I do?

If the scooter that you just reserved has a parking fine, please take a picture and send it to [email protected] This parking fine is the responsibility of the previous user and will not affect you in any way.

Can I temporarily park my scooter and use it again without terminating the rental?

Yes you can! You can park the scooter anytime without returning it. Tab the “Park” button in the app which switches the Whiza into parking mode and is locked for other users. You will pay 0.10c per minute of parking until you return to the rental mode.

Booking Feature

Can I Pre-Book a Ride?

Yes. You can plan and book a ride anytime in the future for up until 1 hour before the ride is bound to start. Once approved you are guaranteed to find your Whiza waiting for you.

How can I pre-book my Whizascoot?

To book a Whizascoot follow the below steps:

– Tap on the ‘calendar icon’ in the middle right-hand corner of the screen.

– Choose your pickup location from one of our designated spots around Malta and Gozo.

– Select date and time, and your preferred time slot.

–  Confirm your booking. And you’re all set!

What does it cost to book a Whiza?

Pre-booked rides are available by the hour as follows:

1 hour €6
2 hours €10
3 hours €15
4 hours €18

I booked a Whiza for 2 hours but I only used it for 1 hour…

Once you booked a Whiza, its all available for you for all the period you’ve booked. This means that you always pay for the whole booked period.

Can I stop the Whiza during the booked ride?

Sure. Keep your Whiza on parking mode if you need to pause to run an errand. Remember, no one else can take your Whiza while it is reserved for you.

How long before can I pick up /drop off my reserved Whizascoot?

Your Whizascoot will be eagerly waiting for you and available for pick-up 5 minutes before booking time. You will also be granted an additional 5 minutes grace-time to drop it off at the same place in case you’re running a few minutes late.

Where can I collect / dropoff my reserved Whizascoot from?

Our Whizas will be waiting for you at the 9 designated spots around Malta, where you can pick up and drop off the Whiza after it’s use. Ending of rentals will not be permissible outside of the below designated spots. 

– ctPark | Tigne

– ctPark | Spinola

– ctPark | Galleria

– Mosta Rotunda Car Park

– Qawra Terminus

– Putirjal | Gozo

– Rabat Car Park

– Birgu

– Birkirkara

Can I collect my Whiza from one spot and drop it off elsewhere?

You need to return your Whiza to the same place from where you collected it. If you wish to pause your Whiza during your ride, please put it in Parking Mode and the Whiza remains there waiting for you.

How Long before can I reserve a Whizascoot?

A scooter could be reserved anytime before as long as the booking time is one hour away. This means that you cannot reserve a Whizascoot to be used in 15 minutes time. Plan Ahead, Ride Later.

Where can I see my reserved bookings?

To check your reservations, please go to the Rides tab under your Profile tab in your Whizascoot app.

My plans changed! Can I cancel my booking?

Please don’t cancel on our Whiza! But, if for some unforeseen reason you need to cancel a pre-booked ride you can do so without incurring any charges for up to 1 hour before your ride is scheduled to occur. You will, however, still be charged your full ride tariff if you cancel within 60min prior to your booking.

How can I cancel a booking?

Its so simple! Go into the ’Rides’ Section in your personal profile on the app, tap on the booking you want to cancel and it’s done.

Are there any charges for cancelling of a booking?

If you cancel the scooter more than 1 hour in advance, you will not be charged for the booking. Should you cancel within one hour prior to the booked reservation, the full booking fee will be charged.

What happens if I overstay my booking?

I know it’s hard to part ways with our Whiza’s. Overstayed bookings will be charged at a rate of €0.25c per minute. Overtime will start being charged following the five minutes grace time.