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Whizascoot is bringing electric scooter-sharing to Malta. Grab a Whiza, avoid Malta’s busy traffic and explore the island in a cheap and easy way. The scooters are 100% electric, meaning zero emissions! Rent a scooter via our iOS or Android app, drive to your destination and park anywhere within our business areas.
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Verify your drivers licence via the Whizascoot app. All done? Then you're ready to go!


Locate a scooter near you via the Whizascoot app, book it free of charge and start your ride. Drive to your destination and park anywhere within our business areas.

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  • Ride Price

  • 0.21Per Minute
  • per minute

  • Parking

  • 0.10Per Minute
  • per minute

Want to do some quick shopping but not give up your Whiza? You can temporarily pause your ride at a reduced fee of €0.10c per minute (you can pause your ride outside the service area). Just press the “P” button on your app. To return to ride mode, press “Drive”.

Reduce your Travel costs!

For frequent Whizascoot users, we offer different packages to help you save money.

Book it in the Whizascoot app now!

  • Whiza 200

  • 35/mo
  • worth €42

    • 200 minutes at 0.17 €/min

  • Whiza 400

  • 60.
  • worth 84

    • 400 minutes at 0.15€/min

  • Whiza 600

  • 80?
  • worth €126

    • 600 minutes at 0.13 €/min

  • Whiza 1000

  • 100?
  • worth €210

    • 1000 minutes at 0.10 €/min

Where Can I find a


Whizascoot connects. Wherever you want to go in Malta and Gozo, you can find our colourful scooters across the islands at various urban locations and sightseeing spots within our designated business areas. With the Whizascoot app, you can see all available scooters at a glance in your area.

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Contact us at [email protected] or call our hotline +356 2099 5555

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